What you'll learn

Here's everything that's included in this course:

  • Basic technical requirements for hybrid meetings (audio, video, stabilization, software)

  • Best practices for effective and inclusive meetings

  • How to avoid common problems

  • Gear recommendations for different budgets

  • How to adapt your setup to different rooms

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Thank you and welcome in!

  • 2

    Fundamentals of hybrid meetings

    • 3 principles

    • 7 technical requirements

    • Audio in and out

    • Camera(s)

    • Screen

    • Stabilization

    • Software and network

    • All-in-one video conferencing system

  • 3

    A deep dive into audio

    • Why audio feedback happens and how to prevent it

    • Audio in large rooms

  • 4

    Leading inclusive hybrid meetings

    • Three inclusion challenges (and 6 solutions)

    • Visual aids need to be accessible to all participants

  • 5

    Detailed technical setup

    • How to add a phone as a second camera

    • Different room layouts

    • Ten important settings in your video conferencing software

  • 6

    Bonus materials

    • Overview of bonus materials

    • Live hybrid meeting demonstration

    • Q&A session with power tips

  • 7


    • Gear for hybrid meetings

Master your hybrid meetings

Create an experience where online and in-person participants feel that they are part of one harmonious meeting

Your instructor

Markus Seppälä, hybrid meeting expert

Markus Seppälä is the world’s leading expert on hybrid meetings for small businesses and volunteer organizations. His YouTube channel is the authoritative source on how to set up, develop and lead hybrid meetings. 

Markus is a three-time TEDx speaker and a stand-up comedian. He uses these skills to engage diverse audiences with humor and enthusiasm.

Markus is also an experienced online course creator. With hundreds of satisfied students, his courses include Stand-up comedy for beginners and OBS Studio for video conferencing